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Puppy School Purley and Apple Tree Dog Training is run by Emma-Clare (this is me on the right with Skye my Minature Schnauzer and Jelly my Australian Labradoodle, I also have Brock who is a Springer Spaniel)


I specialise in the training of puppies and I am passionate about helping you to give your puppy the best start at this most important time in its life.


Puppy School Purley has been successfully helping owners to train their puppies for over 15 years and under my guidance for 13 years. I am privileged to have trained many hundreds of puppies over this time.


I am a qualified Puppy School Tutor, a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Training and Behaviour Council, a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01396) and a qualified Veterinary Nurse. I keep my knowledge of dog training and learning theory absolutely up to date by reading new literature and attending courses by educational and professional institutes and other well known dog trainers.


I am also a busy Mum to 3 young boys and understand the demands and strains of training your dog while juggling family life.




I have been working with and training dogs pretty much since I finished school so over 10 years now, however it was always for friends, family, and neighbours – I never really thought to make a career out of it. I read all the books and watched all the films and videos that were available to me, Now I research in new publications and attend training courses to stay absolutely up to date with the most current information and methods.


I was helping Emma Claire with her classes since March 2019 and have gone through the same training for puppy training classes, which makes me a fully qualified Puppy School Tutor.


My aim is to undertake the gruelling assessment to become a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers as soon as it is possible and I hold myself to their standards until then.


I specialise in puppy training, ensuring the young pups are raised into well behaved family members that bring joy to the people they live with. I strongly believe that prevention is the best way to circumnavigate unwanted behaviours, and puppy training is an ideal way to make this happen. A sure way to develop the bond between the puppy and its human family.



I use the latest techniques backed up by current research on dog behaviour and learning. I have had the pleasure of training approximately 900 puppies at Puppy School Purley over the last 13 years. Our courses are 6 weeks long, one hour per week. Class sizes are always small, a maximum of 8 puppies are in each class. The classes are held indoors, where the puppies are safe and warm. All the family is encouraged to come along and participate. Gwen Bailey has written homework notes, which owners take home to help them practise what was taught in class. My courses are much more than a puppy party, teaching dogs and their owners valuable techniques at the most critical time in a puppy’s life. Training is given in obedience, socialisation and in avoiding common behaviour problems. I aim to establish a positive and long lasting relationship between the owner and their dog. Puppy School offers owners and their puppies ongoing support during and after the course.


We are recommended by local veterinarians and pride ourselves on the number of owners who return after purchasing a second puppy or friends and family who have decided to bring a new dog into their life.


Feedback forms are given to all owners at the end of each course to ensure all owners are happy with the quality of the teaching and the content of the course.


One to ones are conducted with the same professional knowledge and tailored specifically to your own requirements.






In today's society our dogs live in our homes as a part of the family.  My aim is to help you to better understand your dog and its needs, to provide your dog with the foundations to cope well with whatever life throws in its path and to enable you to build a positive relationship with your canine companion which will last a lifetime.


We use only reward based training.  These methods are developed from the latest scientific and academic research on canine learning.  Reward based training is a fun, kind and effective way of learning to communicate with your dog. Training is friendly, relaxed and all the family is welcome to join in.



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