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Emma-Clare has all the credentials to take on a group of boisterous puppies and their (possibly) novice owners.  She has a patient, calm and friendly but firm manner and creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere in her classes. Classes are varied and enjoyable but well organised.  Whilst enjoying them, I was always aware that we were there to achieve the objective of socialising our puppies and helping them to learn the basics of obedience and good behaviour.  We always worked through rewarding positive behaviour in our puppies.  I would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone with a young puppy


Brodie our border collie was basically a well behaved and fairly easy to train puppy.  However, for some time after basic training we had a problem with him running off, usually after other dogs, and not always coming back. After a few private sessions with Emma-Clare, we had overcome this problem. Emma-Clare spent time analysing our interactions with Brodie whilst we were out walking, and was able to suggest strategies to enable us to get him to come back to us.  I'm pleased to say that we haven't had any issues with this since - in fact he  now rushes back enthusiastically whenever we call him, fully expecting something exciting to happen when he does get back.  We also had some issues with pulling on the lead and Emma-Clare was able to help with this, by suggesting a particular lead and harness which have worked wonders.


We would thoroughly recommend Emma-Clare to anyone with a young dog to train.


Breed: Border Collie


Owner's name: Catherine and David









Breed: Portuguese Podengo


Owner's name: Sarah








I found out about Emma-Clare & her classes just before we got our Portuguese Podengo puppy, Gracie, as I was keen to find some training classes to start as soon as possible and I wanted to ensure that we went somewhere that offered positive reward based training rather than some of the more old fashioned methods.


Emma-Clare was fantastic, she came round for a very helpful 'Pre-Puppy Visit' to ensure that we knew what to expect and offered some good advice regarding where to place Gracie's crate and getting a House Line which was invaluable to begin with, particularly as we have 2 young children.  Gracie and I started our training classes when she was 12 weeks old and we both really enjoyed our weekly outings, meeting lots of other dogs and their owners and having fun whilst completing initial puppy training.  We then continued with a subsequent training class aimed at puppies who had completed the initial course and that gave me a lot of confidence to progress to letting Gracie off the lead whilst out on walks.


Emma-Clare always explained everything very clearly and has been very patient and calm with the puppies, and was always willing to talk through any problems that we were having.  All of the dogs in the class absolutely adored her and it was very satisfying seeing how we progressed from the early weeks.  I do not hesitate to recommend her and found the classes to be fun, well run, and constructive, essential really for owners to learn how to train their dogs in a kind manner so they are well behaved and trustworthy




We attended Emma-Clare's Puppy School classes in Purley with our cockapoo puppy Meg, with both humans and the canine loving the classes alike.


 When we first had her, Meg was quite a shy puppy. After her injections were all done, any attempts of walking outdoors were turned into lengthy sit-strikes on the pavement. Me refusing to pick her up and Meg refusing to walk away from the front door.


True to her form, during the first time in class Meg spent most of the time hiding under a chair. However, by the end of the first session she had come out of her shell and was bravely playing with all the puppies during the free play exercise. Well back home that night she was super sleepy but woke up the next morning with a new spring in her step!  From that day on, she was tackling on-the lead, as well as off-the lead walks like a seasoned pro. Something really clicked into place for her during that first Puppy School session. She is now six months old and a very energetic and confident madame.


I cannot recommend Puppy School enough for anyone with a new puppy. The classes are not at all only for those with boisterous dogs in need of some manners, but are ideal for more timid puppies as they can really boost their confidence. The reward-based, humane training system suits all puppies and perhaps especially those of a quieter disposition. As a result of her early socialisation Meg is now a joy to take out to the park, great with all other dogs - and the distraction / recall practices we did in class has certainly come in handy when it is time for play time to end. In addition, the experience also made me feel more confident in bringing up our puppy in a manner I felt comfortable with - a no nonsense, reward-based and loving way.


Finally, Emma-Clare really is a superstar of the canine world! Never once was she flustered by the often rather boisterous little pack of animals we brought into class every week...She also appeared very popular with the dogs too, with Meg bending over backwards to please her when she was picked for demonstrations. Thanks Emma-Clare, you rock!


Breed: Cockapoo


Owner's name: Ellen









Emma-Claire trained our bouncy barmy Italian Greyhound puppy Melody, at evening classes and again for one-to-one road lessons, and soon had her confident and well behaved.


18 months later, and we've rescued another puppy from Greyhound Gap, a (now) enormous lurcher called Skippy. After her success with with Melody, the first person we contacted before he had even arrived home was Emma-Claire, and he was booked into puppy class for the invaluable training and socialising that all dogs need, but even more so in the case of those with special needs.


Her happy, positive way of teaching makes it easy and fun to train the most awkward of dogs - and I should know, as I have two of them!




Breed: Italian Greyhound and Lurcher


Owner's name: Dan






Melody and Skippy



Breed: Lhasa Apso

Owner's name: Amanda








We both thoroughly enjoyed the lessons from start to finish and learnt lots, due to your patience and perseverance. I thought the number of puppies in the class was excellent as it allowed a good degree of socialising and playing, but some good one to one attention from yourself too. You certainly have a way with people and puppies and love what you do and I was very sad when our last training session finished - what great fun it was, especially the musical chairs! Buddy certainly is a well trained, happy puppy and I intend to keep training and hopefully move him on to the Improvers class! Thank you.




We took 'Willow' to 'The Puppy School' and it was the best move we made towards her training.  

Emma-Clare was an excellent trainer and very friendly.

With all the help and advice and hands on training we learnt so much and Willow progressed quickly.  

It was also good fun and all the puppies loved it so it was great for socialisation.  

Highly recommend.


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer x Patterdale

Owners: Wendy and Barry


'Sam has always been a very nervous puppy around people he doesn't know and other dogs. He used to bark at people on the other side of the street. Taking him to a park where I knew other dogs would be was a nightmare! He would bark and growl and make a scene in the park. It made taking him on walks slightly embarrassing when all he would do is bark at anything that moved. We decided that maybe puppy classes would help him, and it was the best decision we ever made. Sam was very nervous at first, he would bark at other puppies and would hide behind myself and my partner not wanting to come out. With Emma-Clare's help and showing him basic skills and how to keep his attention, he was a changed puppy within the first 3 weeks. I could not believe how well Sam behaved, he would sit quietly, watching other dogs practice their skills metres in front of him. I had never ever been able to get him close to another puppy before.

Puppy School helped both Sam and us. We now know what makes Sam tick, how to ensure he is happy and to stop him feeling uneasy with other dogs. Sam is now 9months old and now has a doggy buddy who he goes on walks with. He still has a long way to go, but the improvements are unbelievable. I could not of done it without Emma-Clare. She has been amazing, and I am so grateful of everything that she has helped us with. She is the dog-whisperer!'


Breed: Rescue Collie x

Owners: Kirstie and Ben


I had never, in my life, been within a foot of a dog, let alone stroke and play with one before my husband and son brought home Simba, an 8 week old german shepherd. I had never challenged my fear of dogs before, but was willing to accept Simba into our family. My son, Vikesh, arranged for Simba to start puppy school with Emma-Clare, in Purley, along with an initial one-to-one session with our family at home. Within 10 minutes of her being there, I was able to greet and stroke Simba. The techniques she taught us to handle, interact with and control Simba helped me to start conquering my fear. I have now attended 6 puppy school sessions and gained the confidence to enjoy Simba's companionship and overcome my fear of dogs. The techniques taught were really great and simple enough so anyone can follow them. By attending puppy school our family has bonded with Simba and him to us. We have even worked together to help others in our extended family and friends circle overcome their fear of dogs too!



Breed: German Shepherd

Owners: Vikesh and family



Thank you so much once again for a fantastic set of classes!

We enjoyed Puppy School but (and I didn't think it was possible) we enjoyed the Improvers Class even more! Puppy School set Buddy up with some great socialisation and good behaviour techniques and Improvers Class built on that by introducing us to more safety critical training such as emergency stops and waiting at the path before crossing the road. It also had some fun elements such as High Fives and double paws which Buddy loves doing!

You run the classes so well and are so attentive to each dog and owner ... well done, all credit to you on top training!

Thought you might like to see Buddy showing off his new rosette!


Breed: Lhasa Apso

Owner's name: Amanda

Breed: Patterdale x Lakeland terrier

Owner's name: Maria & Fernando

We chose Emma-Clare to train our Patterdale cross Lakeland terrier Buddy through a recommendation from our vets. From the moment Buddy met Emma-Clare, Buddy became a different puppy. We opted for 1-2-1 sessions due to Buddy’s bouncy temperament, and the individual training sessions were invaluable. I can honestly say that my husband and I learnt as much as our puppy if not more, and results were seen after every session.


Emma-Clare certainly brought the best out of our puppy, and he absolutely adores her. We will be continuing with more advanced work with Emma-Clare, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn from a wonderful tutor - human or Pup.


Thank you from Maria, Fernando and Buddy.